Product Description

Tinted reflective float glass

Color: Dark blue, dark green, f-green ,f-blue, euro-grey, dark grey, euro-bronze, dark bronze , ocean blue etc. Thickness :  3-12mm Size: 2000x1500mm,1514x2134mm,1830x2440mm,1650x2200/2250mm, 3300x2134/2250mm, 3600x2140/2250mm   With low UV tran......

Tinted float glass

Tinted glass, also called body colored glass, has characteristics of low UV transmittance, good shading effect. Because of its gorgeous color and good decorative effect.  It includes golden bronze, euro-bronze, dark grey,  euro Grey, dark blue......

clear float glass

Teckson glass high quality  clear float glass, is produced by high-quality sand, natural ores and chemical materials by mixing them and melting them at high temperature; The molten glass flow into tin bath where the float glass is spread, polished an......

Float glass
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